Watching a Delta Jet Land Directly Overhead from the Beach in St. Martin (Sunset Beach / Airport Beach)

Thursday, November 20, 2014
I just returned from my vacation and am not yet ready to post the "big review" quite yet. But I had to share this. Earlier this week I wrote "Today, I had a plane pass over me so close, I could lick it."

Here's the video.  It doesn't do the experience justice.  At the end, you'll hear the roaring wind that's all around us. The phone's microphone is totally overwhelmed.  It was just neat!

If you're interested in doing this yourself, find any Eastern Caribbean cruise that visits St. Maarten/St. Martin island. Take a cab from nearly anywhere to Airport/Sunset Beach, the rates are set by the government, for us it was $20.00 USD for my wife and I to get there.  Watch a few puddle jumpers land to position yourself, and enjoy.

I'll post the other videos I grabbed from less ideal locations, but here's the best one:

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