Google Matthew Dippel - An Exercise in Ego Surfing

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Or why, for some reason, my fascination with a couple of blog posts about nice staircase designs is my own doom.

I'm kidding, of course. Actually, no. I am looking into interesting staircase designs since I've had a dream of doing my basement up for the last few years and it's always included a replacement staircase.
But I digress . . . Today I had the pleasure of seeing my name put into a case study about a project I rather enjoyed last year.
Just for laughs I went to see if Google had indexed it yet (yes, I know that sounds totally psychotic, and perhaps it is).
I was surprised, for one, to find out that this curse of a last name is not only rather common but that there's another Matthew Dippel living in Grand Rapid's, Michigan.
In fact, it was interesting to find out that I share the namesake of an actor (ironic, as my sad little claim to fame was being paid as a seventh grade kid to do 42 performances of A Christmas Carol, and I'm guessing that this guy was much more successful than me), but also a choreographer (considering that my second biggest claim to fame as a child was being the lead in Godspell at my High School, where they had to write me out of all of the dancing because I was so lousy, this is particularly sad). There's also a guy in Australia that had a very instructional video on how to plug in your home computer (it was surreal finding another Matt Dippel that was a nerd)

Hey, I know it's considered bad form to ego-surf, but it's not a bad idea to do from time to time. Though I am not seeking employment, it's good to know that if I'm googled (tm), that ... at least thus far ... nobody named Matt Dippel has been arrested for mass murder, though apparently someone I share a name with is a bad trader on Game Trading Zone (a site I've never actually heard of until now).
Hopefully I don't snap in front of a piece of really lousy code or I fear for those who I share a name with.

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